| Team Mayzn Private BBQ Quickie (May 3, 2015)
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06 May Team Mayzn Private BBQ Quickie (May 3, 2015)

Recently I had a chance to hang out with Team Mayzn for one of their team bbq’s.  First of all I am really impressed by the way these guys approach the whole idea of a show team.  Passion first, professionalism and family are the underlying themes of this group of true car enthusiasts.  Everyone helps each other and they actually work on their cars.  We will feature more of this team as the year goes by but here are a few pictures of their cars, which are still somewhat under construction for 2015 and some of the vehicles were missing from this shoot.  These shots were taken by Anton Ko from KarmaComa Film Studio as he tagged along and was kind enough to donate his time to take and edit these amazing shots for Squeaky Clean.   Enjoy and there will be more to come of Team Mayzn.

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