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Love for the automotive scene of the world from Canada.

Squeaky Clean is a unique graphics, media, print automotive apparel lifestyle brand from Canada.

The essence of Squeaky Clean is automotive enthusiast’s passion for keeping their vehicles meticulously clean both in the way they detail their vehicles and their innovative and personalized modding style. A Squeaky Clean vehicle is one which stands out in its attention to detail, its theme, and focus on a particular factor that is dear and appealing to the enthusiast. This does not necessarily mean that the vehicle has to be clinically modified or brand new looking. Everyone’s perception of a “Squeaky Clean” vehicle is different, however many of us put attention to detail when we work on our vehicles or build our vehicles, therefore the sheer automotive passion is what Squeaky Clean recognizes.


We celebrate our automotive passion by bringing enthusiasts together at our meets, as well as through our custom created graphics and clothing to celebrate automotive culture. This is reflected in our clothing and our custom stickers and decals as well as design and marketing work. Squeaky clean recognizes and celebrates fresh new trends and innovation in our automotive scene, and that’s what sets Squeaky Clean apart.

The idea of Squeaky Clean is also global and supports the amazing people who value the idea of keeping their vehicles clean and tidy all over the world. Squeaky Clean tries to unite enthusiasts all over the world in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan etc. We are proud of all of our friends who support the idea, share in our passion at our enthusiasts meets and proudly showcase our Squeaky Clean decals.


At a Squeaky Clean meet/show you will find vehicles that are OEM+, stanced, cambered vehicles with unique style and approach. Wide wheels, stretched tires, VIP style cars, clean engines, detailed engines, rat rod style vehicles, engine tucks, freaky swaps and awesome unique wheel and tire combos are what this show is truly about! The first unique Canadian “Stance” and “Special fitment” show with unique awards, dedicated to clean modification style. Functional close to OEM, slightly modified vehicles that have a unique approach and style of modification by their respective owners.  Our enthusiast meets and shows ares FREE and open to everyone!

Attendees who feel that their vehicles should be recognized and celebrated and rewarded will have a chance to compete and obtain a special award(with optional registration fee. It is again FREE to showcase your vehicle and celebrate your vehicle at our events.


We strongly oppose attitudes, street racing, and violence! We strive that these are not be present at our meets and we invite those who want to cause malicious actions to stay out. Please keep in mind that the style of vehicles that come to our events maintain a certain look. We like things to be real therefore emphasis is given on DRIVEN and cleanly modified vehicles in our competition and awards recognition. We appreciate heavy modification style with over the top body kits, custom paint and extravagant modifications and recognize the passion and effort of enthusiasts in the scene, however Squeaky Clean may not be the meet for you.  We strive to keep our meets to showcase street driven vehicles with as close to oem body modifications but can have a focus on some aspects that make the car stand out. Eg. deep dish wheels with some aggressive fitment ie. stance characteristics.


Thank you.